About us

About us

Where it all began

The story of Costa dei Rosmarini begins in a small estate surrounded by rosemary plants in the heart of Liguria, with a treasure of a thousand olive trees.
Luisa Tedeschi Petrelli, owner of the estate, member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and associate of several Italian food and wine magazines, in 1995 decided to bring new life to the olive grove and in the following years begins a limited production of extra virgin olive oil of rare quality for haute cuisine and gourmets. The Hotel Cipriani in Venice is the first customer and since then other prestigious names and famous chefs have decided to buy her oil. Today the oil “Costa dei Rosmarini” is produced in Imperia in small quantities at a time, according to the ancient “recipe” of Luisa and its quality is appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Looking to the future

What we believe defines how we make our products


Costa dei Rosmarini is an outstanding brand on the tables of prestigious hotels and in the windows of gourmet shops all over the world.


Costa dei Rosmarini has added to its catalogue some Ligurian and Italian specialties: pitted Taggiasca olives, Taggiasca olives in brine, Taggiasca olive paste, dried tomatoes in oil, ligurian pesto, red pesto, red pesto with Taggiasca olives, walnut sauce.


25 years after its foundation and thanks to the motivation and enthusiasm of the new owners who recently took over the company, Costa dei Rosmarini presents itself on the market with a new and attractive look to give even more prestige to the product recognized and appreciated by loyal customers.


The restyling of products logo and packaging combines a minimalist look with the elegance and enhancement of the quality product; the view will be attracted, the taste will fill the dishes with natural flavours and the smell will be satisfied with the intoxicating scent of oil and delicate aromas.

We believe that good food is one of the most beloved wealth of our country. For this reason, we use only Italian products and we make ourselves bearers of Italian values in the world.

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Our mission is to serve the best Chefs, Hotels and Distributors with highest quality products