Pitted Taggiasca olives

The small and sweet Taggiasca olives, typical of Liguria, have a delicate fruit fragrance. The preparation of this Ligurian speciality takes a long time because olives go trought to the traditional brine process. The stones are then eliminated and the olives are put in extra virgin olive oil.

It is a very successful product due to the delicate taste of olives and the high quality of extra virgin olive oil that can be used together with olives.
The pitted olives add a delicate extra flavour to dishes, they can be served with aperitifs or as a final ingredient added to salads and many other dishes, including sauces for pasta, fish and meat.


Taggiasca olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt, natural flavors


Sweet with a delicate fruit flavour


180g, 1500g